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How to boost EV range

Bring up the topic of pure and plug-in electric vehicles, and the conversation about range will invariably surface. The good news is the amount of distance the latest EVs are able to cover have improved significantly compared to just a…

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car battery FAQ

Conventional battery FAQ

Batteries are an important part of everyday life in the 21st century because, quite simply, most of the devices that we rely on every day for work and play won’t function without one. The same goes for the big battery…

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The top of the range to the top of the mountain   Let us be very clear about what we did with the RS6 and the RS3. We took them for a long pursuit combining a highway and a mountain…

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Land Rover Discovery

The best car in its class As vehicles continue to become increasingly technology-driven, the upcoming fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery, replacing the former LR4 in North America, is about to debut a new world-first innovation: Intelligent Seat Fold Technology. The reimagined…

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Infiniti Q50

Sports sedan refresh more than skin deep Even though the Infiniti Q50 luxury sports sedan came out only two years ago, the vehicle gets a pretty huge mid-cycle update for 2016. Most of the changes are internal, with the introduction…

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2018 Porsche Panamera

Is it the sports car among luxury sedans? With automakers trying to find different niche markets, the lines that traditionally define a “coupé” as a “coupé” and a “sedan” as a “sedan” have been blurred beyond recognition. Decades ago, a…

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