Self-driving cars: Has the future already come?


by CarBook

We see them in sci-fi movies, we hear about them in news reports, and we talk about them all the time. Self-driving cars—the autonomous vehicles that are supposed to take over the roads—have become a staple of our collective imagination. But how close are we to seeing these cars on our streets?

It’s the future, and it’s rolling up to a stoplight near you. While self-driving cars may not be available to everyone just yet, with Tesla leading the way in the creation of self-driving cars it’s only a matter of time before they become more common.

In a recent survey, over 60% of people said that they would feel comfortable riding in a self-driving car if they could be assured that it was safe. Self-driving cars can actually help keep us safer on the roads by reducing human error. In addition to helping prevent accidents, self-driving cars can help reduce traffic—and therefore emissions—by 90%, according to one study by MIT.

So how do we get there? Well, right now self-driving car technology is still being refined. As Tesla develops their technology and opens it up to car owners around the world through their updates, we will see improvements in its ability to navigate complex environments and situations. It’s also important for policy makers around the world to work together so that our laws are consistent and make sense for self-driving cars to be integrated into our society.

How do you feel about self driving cars? Would you ride in one?