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How to wax your car

How to wax your car

In today’s busy world, finding the time to wash our cars can be a hassle. That’s probably why automatic car wash businesses do so well. So it should be no surprise that the concept of waxing a vehicle is foreign…

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Home tune-up

Home tune up

While it’s certainly a good idea to have that favourite mechanic or auto garage on speed dial, you don’t always have to bring your car into a professional shop for every single maintenance issue. Here are five basic tune-up items…

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Dashboard warning lights

With all its flashing lights, colours and symbols, the instrument cluster can be one of the most confusing parts of a car to the average driver. While most are familiar with common icons like the turn signal arrows or windshield…

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Engine sound symposers

Whether you love or hate Auto-Tune, it makes a lot of recording artists sound better than they might otherwise (cue Britney Spears). Along a similar vein, engine sound symposers are helping today’s more efficient and noise-isolated engines sound like the…

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Smart keys

Intelligent entry If you’re thinking that this is an article about keys that can surf the Internet or make phone calls, you’re not quite right. But that doesn’t make these little devices that enable you to unlock your doors and…

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