Al Habtoor Motors celebrates 40 years of partnership with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation


Al Habtoor Motors, the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi in the UAE, celebrated a significant milestone – a remarkable 40-year partnership with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation at the prestigious Al Habtoor Palace. The event stood as a testament to the shared commitment to excellence and passion for the automotive industry, highlighting collaborative efforts to achieve technological advancements and market innovations.

The celebration was graced by esteemed guests, including Mr. Ahmed Khalaf Al Habtoor, CEO of Al Habtoor Motors, and Mr. Karim Maksoud, Managing Director of Al Habtoor Motors. Among the distinguished attendees from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation were Mr. Takao Kato, Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO, along with key figures like Mr. Masatsugu Kurahashi, Division General Manager of the Europe & Middle East, Africa and South Asia division, and Mr. Yutaka Yano, President of Mitsubishi Motors Middle East and Africa FZE. The event was also attended by key partners and loyal customers, adding significance to the celebration.

In his opening speech, Karim Maksoud, Managing Director of Al Habtoor Motors, expressed, “We are not only celebrating four decades of a remarkable partnership, success and collaboration but also looking ahead at the next 40 years and beyond with great anticipation and enthusiasm for the boundless possibilities.”

Mr. Takao Kato, Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO, added, “40 years of partnership is not a small achievement in an automotive industry where trends and technologies are constantly changing. In this journey together, we are stronger than ever, dedicated, customer-centric and driven by excellence.”

“I would like to thank the UAE for providing a dynamic and supportive business environment to our distributor, Al Habtoor Motors and our Mitsubishi Motors brand. The nation’s commitment to progress has pushed us further to innovate and achieve our vision. To ensure continued growth, we embrace a technology-first mindset, positioning ourselves competitively, anticipating and meeting consumer demands and fostering innovation to lead in this ever-evolving landscape.” he added.


To commemorate the partnership and mutual dedication, Mr. Ahmed Khalaf Al Habtoor and Mr. Karim Maksoud presented Mr. Takao Kato with a commemorative 40th-anniversary trophy—a symbolic gesture reflecting the shared journey of success and growth over the years.