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How launch control works

[soliloquy id=”1220″] What exactly is launch control? It sounds like a setting found only in a Need for Speed video game, and that wouldn’t necessarily be a far off description. As cars have become more computerized, it’s become possible to…

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Clay bar

Mention a clay bar to most non-car folk, and they will probably stare back at you blankly. A staple for detailing shops and enthusiasts alike, it is quite literally a piece of malleable clay that removes contaminants picked from everyday…

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Engine sound symposers

[soliloquy id=”1209″] Whether you love or hate Auto-Tune, it makes a lot of recording artists sound better than they might otherwise (cue Britney Spears). Along a similar vein, engine sound symposers are helping today’s more efficient and noise-isolated engines sound…

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BMW’s insane car of the future

[soliloquy id=”1199″] BMW is on a huge global victory lap this year in celebration of its centennial. To celebrate its 100th birthday, the company presented its “Vision Next 100” concept car at the BMW Group Centenary Event in the Munich…

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Volvo S90

[soliloquy id=”1186″] Luxury goes four door Volvo tasted success when they introduced the XC90 into the marketplace, a luxury crossover that has been highly praised by automotive media and consumers alike. The Swedish automaker is hoping lightning strikes twice with…

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Bugatti Chiron – The world’s newest & fastest production car

[soliloquy id=”1177″] When it comes to hypercars (one step over supercars), acting quickly is usually the name of the game. These ultra limited production vehicles are usually pre-sold to well-heeled customers before the rest of us plebs even know of…

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