McLaren 720S GT3X


The answer is this: the new 720S GT3X, featuring the very best of the GT3 racing car – the lightweight construction, six-speed sequential transmission and optimised aerodynamics – unrestricted and unleashed for some serious track-day thrills.

The hand-built 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that powers the 720S GT3X features a host of upgrades, including a blueprinted cylinder head and strengthened pistons, as well as a lightweight exhaust system. The resulting 720PS matches the output of the road car, but with an additional ‘push-to-pass’ boost button on the steering wheel that can deliver an extra 30PS. All that power, in a car that weighs just 1210kg (2668lbs) – around 200kg (440lbs) less than the road-going supercar on which it is based.

Finished in metallic MSO Carbon Black and featuring a matte ‘X’ graphic on the canopy and pin-stripe accents, the menacing bodywork of the 720S GT3X features all the engineering and technology that makes the 720S GT3 a race winner.

Climb into the stripped-out cabin and you’ll find yourself surrounded by lightweight carbon-fibre. Best of all, a revised roll-cage allows the addition of a passenger seat, without compromising safety or the crash structures. Racing cars are usually built for one, but the 720S GT3X now allows friends to experience the car’s exhilarating performance first-hand.

Owners of the 720S GT3X will also benefit from personalised track support from our in-house customer racing division – the same team of engineers behind the car’s development, and our successful GT3 race programme.


Ian Morgan, Director of Motorsport at McLaren Automotive, sums it up: ‘The brief for the 720S GT3X project was to unleash the full potential of the 720S GT3 using a massively increased power output to fully exploit its aerodynamics and chassis dynamics. The result is a car that offers a truly unique experience.’

It may not be eligible to enter a race series any more, but at a track day the new 720S GT3X will look every inch a winner.