Car Safety: What Should you do While Driving?


by CarBook

Most of us want to be safe drivers and protect ourselves from car accidents. Unfortunately, we’re all human, and we sometimes make mistakes—even when we think we’re doing everything right.

Do you ever eat at the wheel? If so, you might have something in common with a lot of people who have been involved in car accidents. Eating is never a good idea while driving: it takes your attention away from the road and can cause an accident. Even drinking coffee or soda can be dangerous because the liquid can spill into something important like the ignition or the pedals and cause a serious problem. On top of that, eating food high in fat or sugar can make you feel ill if you aren’t careful and could even cause a diabetic coma. And what about texting or talking on the phone? These actions take your attention away from the road as well, which is just not safe.

So what should you do instead? Well, first off, get some sun protection! It’s easy to forget about it because you’re busy driving, but your skin is still exposed to sunlight for long periods of time—and guess what causes skin cancer?


The most obvious cause of car accidents is driving while eating or drinking, which is something that people do when they get hungry or thirsty. Also, they may be in a hurry and want to save some time, so when they drive, they want to eat something fast or drink coffee. However, eating while driving can be dangerous if the driver is not careful because they may spill it all over their clothes and the car’s interior. A sharp turn or sudden braking may cause an accident because the driver might not have time to swallow the food completely.