RIMAC and IONITY Join Forces to Deliver the Ultimate Electric Mobility Experience


With a shared goal of pushing the boundaries of electric mobility, Rimac Automobili, maker of the world’s fastest all-electric hypercar, and IONITY, Europe’s largest open-brand high-power charging (HPC) network are joining forces.

The partnership brings together the record-breaking hypercar, the Rimac Nevera, with IONITY’s ultra-fast, reliable, and green charging network. Owners of the Nevera – the fastest accelerating production car in the world, with the highest charging power available in a passenger vehicle, limited to 150 vehicles – will benefit of eight years of unlimited free charging at all IONITY stations located across 24 European countries.
“When people think of Rimac, they think of the record-breaking performance that the Nevera delivers, as well as the groundbreaking technologies at the heart of the company. Yet, the Nevera was primarily developed as a hyper GT, rather than a track-focused car – it is a user-friendly hypercar. The collaboration with IONITY allows us to take this experience to the next level.”