What is dismantle process?


By CarBook

Disassembly is a reversal process in which a product is separated into its components and/or subassemblies by nondestructive or semi-destructive operations which only damage the connectors/fasteners. If the product separation process is not reversible, this process is called dismantling or dismounting

When the time comes to disassemble your vehicle, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to ensure that the process is as smooth and seamless as possible.

As your car is prepared for disassembly, no detail is overlooked. Your vehicle will be taken apart and reassembled in the same spot to ensure continuity during the process. Our highly experienced technicians will carefully remove each component from the car, one at a time.


Your car will go through several stages of disassembly before it reaches our shop for reassembly. Your vehicle will be placed on a lift so our technicians can easily access undercarriage components such as drive shafts, axles, CV boots, and differential bearings without having to jack up your ride.

Once all parts have been removed from undercarriage components, they are inspected for any signs of damage or wear before being cleaned thoroughly with a high-pressure washer. Once cleaned and dried thoroughly with compressed air, they are ready for reassembly into their original position on your vehicle—no matter how complex that may be!