“Ferrari Roma: A Remarkable and Vivid Masterpiece”



“The Ferrari Roma is a truly remarkable and visually striking car that commands attention wherever it goes. Its unique design and style make it instantly recognizable as a Ferrari.”



The Ferrari Roma, the new mid-front-engined 2+ coupé of the Prancing Horse, features refined proportions and timeless design combined with unparalleled performance and handling. With its distinctive flair and style, the car is a contemporary representation of the carefree, pleasurable way of life that characterised Rome in the 1950s and ‘60s.


The values of fuel consumptions and CO2 emissions shown were determined according to the European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable at the time of type approval. The fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures refer to the WLTP cycle.

    • CO2 Emissions
    • LOW: 404 G/KM
    • MID: 246 G/KM
    • HIGH: 220 G/KM
    • EXTRA HIGH: 235 G/KM
    • COMBINED: 255 G/KM
    • Fuel Consumption
    • LOW: 17,8 L/100 KM
    • MID: 10,8 L/100 KM
    • HIGH: 9,7 L/100 KM
    • EXTRA HIGH: 10,3 L/100 KM
    • COMBINED: 11,2 L/100 KM

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