HiPhi announces the hypercar for the next generation – HiPhi A

  • HiPhi A, designed and developed by HiPhi in collaboration with WESAIL New Energy Automotive, integrates HiPhi’s own battery and motor technology with WESAIL New Energy Automotive’s Apollo hypercar elements.
  • HiPhi also announces long-term strategic partnership with ShanghaiTech University with the HiPhi A as the first vehicle to benefit from the cooperation.
  • Paying tribute to the classics while looking firmly to the future, HiPhi A takes inspiration from the top hypercars and translates that for the next generation by focusing on the user experience
  • Impressive performance figures achieved through advanced technology, with a maximum power output of 1305 PS, acceleration from 0-100km/h in just over 2 seconds, and a targeted top speed of almost 300km/h.
  • Focusing on world-class products, HiPhi unites cross-disciplinary resources to continuously create vehicles that offer ongoing enjoyment

HiPhi has unveiled its first collaborative product, the HiPhi A, during a global livestream event from its HQ in Shanghai.  The model will have its physical debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17 2023. HiPhi A is set to be produced in limited series run, scheduled to commence production and delivery in the first quarter of 2025. The hypercar for the next generation, HiPhi A is the product of the collaboration between HiPhi and WESAIL New Energy Automotive, blending HiPhi-developed battery and motor technology with WESAIL New Energy Automotive’s Apollo traditional hypercar elements.