It’s Been A Year and Finally It’s Here! OMODA C5 Arrives in the UAE


Recently, the automobile brand OMODA&JAECOO, which is dedicated to leading future travel, officially announced that two new vehicles of OMODA C5 have arrived in the UAE. Since it was first unveiled in the UAE, OMODA has attracted the attention of the new generation of users with its avant-garde aesthetics and intelligent technologies. Finally, it is time to officially meet consumers! This also marks an important step for OMODA in its global expansion strategy.

OMODA C5 has arrived in the UAE

As a crossover SUV, OMODA C5 not only showcases exquisite design art, but highlights outstanding safety performance as well. Its unique exterior design features a diamond cut geometric matrix grille and 18-inch two-color blade wheels, fully embodying OMODA’s exploration of future aesthetics. The design language of “Art in Motion” creates a fashionable and avant-garde visual effect, which has also become a major highlight of OMODA’s widespread user recognition.

In terms of safety configuration, OMODA C5 is equipped with an application proportion of ultra-high strength steel and 6 airbags. At the same time, it is equipped with the latest generation of 4.0 ADAS and 360° panoramic image, providing three-dimensional safety protection. In addition, OMODA C5 meets five-star safety standards in multiple regions worldwide, including E-NCAP and A-NCAP, ensuring comprehensive safety for the driver and passengers.

The pace of OMODA C5’s entry into the UAE market not only demonstrates the deepening and expansion of the brand’s strategic layout, but also its strength in continuously expanding its brand influence outward. With the arrival of OMODA C5, the OMODA UAE team also plans to hold its first offline meetup by the end of March , UAE media and consumers will have the opportunity to experience OMODA’s cutting-edge design and innovative technology up close, welcoming a new era of intelligent driving.

OMODA E5 has been attracting attention in the global market

In addition to the petrol car OMODA C5, another electric car from OMODA&JAECOO, the OMODA E5, has also brought good news in the first quarter of 2024.


Since its debut in April last year, the OMODA E5 has garnered attention in nearly 20 countries and regions around the world. This year, it has made successive appearances in Chile, Indonesia, Spain, Malaysia, and other countries, continually leading in the local new energy vehicle segment.

Regarding market performance, the OMODA E5 has achieved more than 2,300 orders in Indonesia less than a month after its launch. Furthermore, during the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) held at the beginning of this year, 80% of the orders were collected, making it an undisputed best-selling model. The success of OMODA E5 in Southeast Asia is not a stroke of luck but a result of deep market insight and accurate positioning. Its fashionable and futuristic design, intelligent features, and product strategy that meet the needs of local consumers together have contributed to the model’s outstanding performance.

Moreover, OMODA’s significant launches in markets like Chile, Malaysia, and Spain in 2024 have further expanded OMODA’s market share in Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Europe, deepening its global strategic deployment.

The OMODA E5 is not only popular among consumers but has also received recognition and support from numerous national leaders. Its leading new energy concept and technology resonate with the low-carbon, green development strategies of countries worldwide, steering a green future in various nations and regions.

In February this year, OMODA successfully held its first press conference in Madrid, Spain, marking its official entry into the European market. At the event, Jaime Martínez Muñoz, General Director of Economic and Industrial Promotion, along with 28 other Spanish government officials, attended and highly commended OMODA’s innovation leadership in the local green mobility sector, injecting strong momentum into OMODA’s future development in the European market.

At the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, visited the OMODA booth and experienced the pure electric technology and advanced intelligence of the OMODA E5. This honor not only highlights the technological prowess of the OMODA E5 but also wins widespread acclaim for OMODA in the global market.

Within just one month, the OMODA E5 has received accolades from two national leaders and politicians, fully demonstrating its advantageous position in the new energy sector. From Southeast Asia to Europe, the OMODA E5 is continuously promoting the development of global green mobility with its exceptional quality and spirit of innovation.

OMODA will establish a new business model

In conclusion, products under OMODA&JAECOO have been consistently tested and highly recognized in the global market. The arrival of two sample cars of OMODA C5 in the UAE will unveil the mysterious OMODA&JAECOO. It is believed that after the offline meetup at the end of March, OMODA&JAECOO will announce their upcoming plans. It is not long until UAE consumers officially meet OMODA C5 and OMODA E5.

It is reported that OMODA&JAECOO will establish a new subsidiary model in the UAE, which will provide more assistance to dealers with the strong potential of the subsidiary and provide consumers with better pre-sales and after-sales services. The ardent expectations of the subsidiary for consumer satisfaction, as well as the professional strength of dealer partners in sales, are bound to bring new impacts to the UAE market through strong alliances.