Cadillac ELR


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Green meets luxury

You might think that the plug-in hybrid Cadillac ELR coupe is nothing more than an expensive wolf dressed in electrified sibling Chevrolet Volt’s clothing, both being the product of parent company General Motors. Beyond sharing some underlying technology and a similar environmentally conscious purpose, however, Caddy’s offering is a completely different (nicer) animal aimed at the luxury market.

For comparison’s sake, the ELR and Volt are fairly close in size, although the former appears lower, sleeker and possesses sharper lines and a slightly menacing demeanour making it clearly the better looking one of the pair. Attention to fine detail is apparent on the Cadillac, boasting vertically stacked LEDS in the headlamp housing, flashy 20-inch blade wheels wrapped in specially engineered low-rolling-resistance tires, recessed touch-sensitive door handles and the “Cadillac