Michael Brüggler launches Brüggler Chronographs at Burj Al Arab, Dubai



Handmade in Les Breuleux, the Swiss region internationally recognised for its watch craftsmanship, BRÜGGLER fuses true beauty with the best that the Swiss watch industry has to offer. The fine bespoke chronographs can be designed online by the customer. Using 100% Swiss-made parts, each timepiece is customised to the customer’s exact specifications and handmade by artisans whose skills have been passed down through generations.


Specialised in the creation of unique tailor made chronographs and limited editions BRÜGGLER watches are as unique as their clients. All timepieces are designed online using a state of the art customisation software tool. Customers can choose everything from the movement, the material and colour of the strap right through to the finite detail of the minute markers used on the face. With thousands of different combinations to choose from, no two BRÜGGLER watches will ever be the same.

Speaking at the launch Michael Brüggler added, “We bring the fine art of Swiss horology to the fingertip of our clients in Dubai. We create unique pieces with and for our clients. We are very glad we found such a fine partner as Mr Hamed Yosofzadah (Prima Gold) to be our retail partner in Dubai.”