Aspire to great heights with bespoke Velar Custom Body Modifications

Aspire Design have proudly released their bespoke Range Rover Velar Body Kits, the first wide body Velar program on the market. The new Range Rover Velar was introduced early in the year of 2017. The phenomenal SUV is denser than the typical Range Rover Evoque. However, at Aspire, they thought it was time to give the new Velar an upgrade. Their custom kit programs are packed with bespoke and luxury body modifications making their designs extremely niche and innovative for the car industry. At Aspire the decision was made to enhance the Velar by giving it extra width and stance by adding extended wheel arches and lower door mouldings.

Aspire Velar 2018 Rear - Brown
Aspire Design have already taken pre-orders to over 30 clients overseas, with keen interest from their existing operating markets such as Hong Kong, USA and Saudi Arabia. They also have a waiting list for new and existing UK consumers looking for that unique finish to enhance their Velar. The new Velar kits made by Aspire are said to be in production by March 2018.
Their proud designs are filled with exclusive upgrades including: The Front Bumper and diffuser, the Daylight Running Lights which they have included in previous body kits. They have exclusive extended wheel arches and lower door mouldings to give the car extra width and to improve the shape of the Velar. The Custom Aspire Front Grill with the Aspire lettering. The Custom Aspire Rear Bumper really gives the Velar a more aggressive look and helps shape up the rear end of the Velar along with the quad exhaust system that just gives it that meaner edge. Added to this, Aspire have added the Performance exhaust system to their velar design which makes the Diesel engine sound like a V8 Turbo Petrol. The Aspire Velar also includes 2 rear spoilers, these 2 spoilers really give the Velar that Aspire Design identity as it has been used on previous kits and is a consumer favourite. The exterior modifications also include the 22