Mercedes-Benz Introduces New StarView Video App to Digitally Connect Customers with Their Vehicle’s Workshop Journey


Mercedes-Benz Middle East has announced its new StarView video sharing platform that will provide customers with greater connectivity to the technical teams carrying out servicing or maintenance work on their vehicles.

Designed to seamlessly connect clients with Mercedes-Benz’s highly skilled technicians, the digital video service will give customers a behind the scenes look into the workshop.

Available to view on a smartphone, tablet or computer, StarView will allow teams of service advisors to easily and visually show what work is required while a client’s vehicle is still on the ramp.

Watching online via a 360-video capacity, customers can engage with service advisors and start an important dialogue regarding the type and extent of work being carried out.

Salim Akdas, Head of Market Management & Business Intelligence, at Mercedes-Benz Middle East, said: “StarView is another great innovation that puts the customer first and interacts with them every step of the way. Clients can have a direct input into the type of work being carried out on their vehicle. StarView puts Mercedes-Benz customers in the driving seat even when their vehicle is off the road by providing them with unrivalled levels of access and up to the minute information delivered directly to the device of their choice in the comfort of their own home. The service experience for Mercedes-Benz customers in the region will be revolutionized through StarView’s advanced levels of digitization, transparency and a shared feeling of comfort, confidence and trust.”


Developed by CitNOW, the leading producers of automotive video technologies, StarView has proven to be hugely popular with customers across Europe and further afield. CitNOW’s use of the very latest smart communication technologies and advanced security and privacy protocols means Mercedes-Benz clients will have access to the safest and most intuitive video system on the market, at the touch of a button.