The first-ever BMW i4.

  • All-electric mobility reaches the very heart of the BMW brand. The BMW i4 is the brand’s first electric vehicle focused squarely on driving dynamics. Locally emission-free driving pleasure, compromise-free premium quality and customer-oriented individualisation come to the traditional core of the midsize segment for the first time. The BMW i4 combines BMW’s fabled sporting prowess and a range that also convinces over long journeys with the elegant design, spaciousness and practicality of a four-door Gran Coupé.
  • Integrated application of all powertrain and chassis components, using decades of expertise build up by an established maker of exceptionally sporty premium cars, creates a degree of design coherence rivals cannot match. Familiar BMW dynamic driving abilities extending far beyond rapid acceleration in a straight line combine with sublime long-distance comfort.
  • The BMW i4 is based on a flexible vehicle architecture conceived from the outset for a purely electric drive system. Long wheelbase and wide tracks. Weight-minimised yet extremely stiff body structure. Model-specific torsion struts, aluminium shear panel and front axle subframe have fixed connection with the casing of the high-voltage battery. Optimised aerodynamics with Cd of 0.24 in best case.