Transporting Cars on an Assembly Line – Preparation for Installing Wheels on a Car Plant


by CarBook

The automobile industry is a global business. To keep up with demand, it must be able to move parts and products around the world quickly and cheaply.

But how do you move a car?

This video explains the process of transporting cars on an assembly line, preparation for installing wheels on a car plant.

In an automobile factory, the process of installing wheels on a car is a complex one. It involves many different steps and many different people, who all work together to ensure that all of the components of the car come together in the proper order.


The first step in this process is preparing the parts for installation. This includes cleaning off any dirt or grease that may be present, as well as checking that they are not damaged or defective. The wheels are then placed onto a conveyor belt which carries them into position for installation.

After this comes the actual installation process. The next step involves attaching each wheel onto its axle with appropriate fasteners such as bolts or nuts. After this has been done, workers will use torque wrenches to tighten these fasteners down tightly so that they do not loosen over time due to vibration caused by driving conditions such as hills or bumps in the road surface; these conditions could cause a wheel to become loose if it wasn’t properly tightened down during assembly. After this step has been completed for both left and right sides of each axle (which means there are four bolts/nuts total per axle), then workers will move on to installing brake calipers onto their respective axles before moving on again with installation of brake lines