Innovative Campaign for New BMW 5 Series and BMW i5 Launch


Alongside its elegantly sporty design and the new arrival of an electric drive system (in the BMW i5), the all-new BMW 5 Series Sedan captures the imagination most prominently with its wealth of digital innovations. The Bavarian premium carmaker is accompanying the market launch of the forward-looking business sedan – now in its eighth model generation – in Germany on 21 October 2023 with a similarly innovative launch campaign focusing on both a digital-first approach and the digital evolution of classical advertising media.

The new BMW 5 Series brings advanced, electrified drive technology together with pioneering driver assistance systems and digital services, which both enhance comfort and safety and drive forward cockpit digitalisation. In order to present these innovations, which will strike a chord with technophile target groups in particular, in an appealing and customer-oriented way, BMW has infused the campaign with both emotionally rich storytelling and editorial content examining visionary functions. A key element of this approach is the new brand innovation campaign centred around a genial group of guardian angels, whose job is made significantly easier by e.g. the new BMW Proactive Care service.