How are Cars Assembled


By CarBook

So you know how a car is assembled, but how does it all get there?

Car assembly is a long process that requires a dependable supply chain to carry out uninterrupted production on the assembly line. As the manufacturing process requires installation of numerous parts, car assembly involves several steps before the final product is ready for use.

The first step in car assembly is to install front and rear bumpers, which are usually made of plastic. Then, all doors are installed, followed by window-wiper arms and side mirrors. The next step is to fit tires onto wheels and then connect them to axles.


After installing bumpers and doors, wiring harnesses are connected to lights and other electrical components such as airbags or air conditioning units. Next comes installing seats into their respective positions and attaching them with seatbelts. Finally, all metal parts are assembled together into one complete unit – including engines and transmissions – before being tested for functionality and quality control purposes before they can be sold on the market as finished products!