The Reinvention of the Original: The all-electric MINI Cooper.


As a 3-door model in its fifth generation, the purely electric MINI Cooper underscores the brand’s tradition with hallmark MINI design while at the same time symbolising the all-electric future. Electrified go-kart feeling and an immersive user experience take the MINI DNA to a whole new level.

Charismatic Simplicity: the new MINI design style.

The design of the new MINI model generation is modern, digital and unmistakable. With the new MINI family, the brand takes driving fun, the user experience and a responsible attitude forward into a new era. This comprehensive transformation on the way to becoming an all-electric brand by 2030 is reflected in the authentic design of the new models, combining forward-looking technology with the elementary principles of body design and the brand’s origins. In doing so, it emphasises the urban character of the MINI along with the sheer joy of innovation.